Helps to improve the blood flow around the body without adding any additional stress to the heart. This allows more blood to flow into the penis without increasing the hear rate. This means it is a safe method for enargement.

Also helps with tiredness as there is improved flow and more oxygen within the blood helping muscles, and the brain to stay more alert, and as a consequence improve libido.
This cheeky little herb has been known to boost your blood flow, pushing blood to all areas of the body which depending on your physical state may not have had the full supply. As the penis requires blood and lots of it, you can see why this is an important part of this special blend. It is similar to Nitrous Oxide in its capabilities.
What is known these days as Horny Goat Weed used to be called Epimedium many, many years ago. It has be known as the secret sex herb for hundreds of years and is key to any blend.

Boosting your masculinity and opening up a World where you'll have a sex drive you didn't even have in your twenties, your confidence is about to go sky high!
Again, this has been known for years and there have been many tonics produced using Ginseng that are aimed at imprving energy levels and also imprving your mental state. We believe that when you see the physical changes your mental state will improve on its own as your confidence will gradually get larger, but it can't do any harm as it is naturally occuring. We're not promising you'll solved any mathamatical problems with it though!
Saw Palmetto
Lowering the size of your prostate brings added benefits that are not just medical, a smaller prostate improves sexual pleasure and libido, so again this little herb is working in tandem with the others to turn you into a right stud!

Every single one of the herbs we have listed above are naturally occuring and have been used for centuries as either aphrodisiacs or physical and mental boosters, making them more alert and much sharper than normal. This is done through improving blood supply, and therefore making the body able to carry more oxygen around the body and to the brain.

Each one of those herbs is then blended to create the special blend, using just the right amount of quantities of each to get the results you desire.