We offer the genuine article to Australian customers who are looking for the original blend of natural ingredients that has seen so many men achieve fantastic results over the years.

Apart from the size increases you can expect to feel more energetic and feel like sex much more often! This is not just a male enhancement system, this is Vimax!

Everybody is different and we cannot guarantee an exact time frame from when you as an individual will begin to start seeing some results, but we have had feedback from many customers who are really happy in as short a time as just 4 weeks. Results can vary for different people, this is due to body height and weight and how long it takes the body to process the formula.

You can try this item risk free for up to 66 days to see if it really is for you. We are very confident in it that we allow you to trial it and if for any reason you're not happy just contact us and return them for you money back in full.

They have been an important factor in improving:

  • Giving stand up erections
  • Producing an increase of at least one inch within 4 weeks
  • A massive boost to your libido


The Ingredients in Them

Increasing your size takes years of professional research getting the blend just right. They are safe using only the natural ingredients below:

  • Saw Palmetto
  • Epimedium Sagittatum
  • Ginseng
  • Ginkgo
  • Cayenne Fruit

Safe Male Enhancement

Follow the plan that may increase your length, girth and improve your sex life

Natural and Safe

It is natural and no prescription is needed. We always recommend though that if you have any pre-existing medical conditions that you speak with a medical professional first

60 Day Guarantee

We want you to be happy with the results they can give. It's not for everyone though but not to worry, we'll refund in full - Read more...

Expert Help

Contact us for a quick response to any questions you have, or to find out about our other products.

What kind of results could I see?

The charts below show the possible growth over the course of 6 months. The pie chart below shows the growth jump as you continue taking them. Over six months the process picks up and you should see some great growth especially if you use all of the tools provided such as the exercise guides. It is why we have seen people with growth increases of 3 inches because they stick to the dosage and time table and perform good exercises daily.

Member increase chart

We can see some amazing improvements in size over the six months in which it was taken. This is in the erect state, although we know that regular customers have reported a size increase in the flacid state.

Growth chart over 6 months

So how does it do that?

Blending high quality ingredients together to get the right dosage and induce the body into moving more blood around the body along with relaxing all of the blood routes to increase volume took years. This is how the it is enlarged. As they arteries are relaxed and opened up more blood flows from the heart and when aroused straight to the penis, this creates a larger member as more blood is in the chambers of it. Continued use and regular intimacy will mean that eventually the penis is 'trained' into its new state as it grows to accommodate the extra blood.

How do I get them in Australia?

You can order them through this site and we will make sure you receive your order in good time. We will send your order for absolutely free to any part of Australia. This will be done with tracked post, and a tracking number will be emailed to you.

How does it compare to other male enhancement products?

Vimax is one of the leaders in male enhancement products and has been on the market for over ten years. It has been reviewed by many customers and medical professionals alike. There aren't many genuine companies out there that will stand behind their product. We do, with a full money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied we will refund you in full. It is interesting to see that although our guarantee has been running for the last 5 years our returns rate is at less than 10% of our total order rate and our reorder rate is up at nearly 85%, proof if ever needed that they are one of the few male enhancement products that actually work!

See how well it does against competitors

Growth Chart

A comparison chart showing how powerful it is

Always check the bottles

Genuine Bottles

Every genuine bottle has a square hologram, green in color.

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